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Extensive knowledge of behavioral finance, behavioral science, and decision making psychology. Numerous publications on behavioral finance, decision-making, and the psychology of finance and investing

Silicon Valley experience with financial technology product development

Top-level collaborations on psychological aspects of financial markets, trading, and investing with leading market participants and Wall Street institutions

Support from a qualified network of finance and investment professionals, Wall Street experts, and data scientists

PhD level partners with multiple Master’s degrees, Harvard and Columbia educated. Personal access to experts at the world’s leading academic and scientific institutions


Thomas Oberlechner is a widely recognized expert and author on behavioral decision-making. He was also a full Professor of Psychology with a research focus on behavioral aspects of trading and investing. Together with Gerlinde Berghofer, he has been developing path breaking ideas and concepts for cutting edge financial technology in Silicon Valley. Both hold a psychology PhD and are experienced executive coaches.

Thomas Oberlechner PhD

Founder & Managing Partner

Dr. Oberlechner is the Founder and Chief Science Officer at FinPsy LLC. He is a leading expert on behavioral and psychological aspects of financial decision-making.

He was Chief Science Officer and led the behavioral science team at San Francisco fintech company iMatchative and hedge funds data analytics platform AltX, developing decision support systems for investors and fund managers that add novel behavioral dimensions to the financial fund data traditionally available. These systems provide investors and fund managers with deep insight into behavioral preferences, styles, and goals.

In his academic life, he was a full university professor and Psychology Department Head at Webster University in Vienna. He has also researched and taught at Harvard University, MIT, University of Cologne, University of Vienna, and other leading research institutions. His groundbreaking work on psychological dynamics in financial markets has led him into the trading floors of the world’s leading banks and other top-tier market participants. Results of his research have appeared in numerous academic and professional journals in both psychology and finance. His published work includes the books The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market (Wiley) and award-winning The Psychology of Ethics in the Finance and Investment Industry (CFA Institute).

Dr. Oberlechner received his academic education at the University of Vienna and Harvard. His credentials include a Ph.D. in Psychology, multiple Master degrees in Psychology, Consulting Psychology, and Law, as well as a Habilitation (the highest academic qualification conferred by European universities) in Psychology. Over 20 years of work as a clinical psychologist, senior training therapist, and executive coach provide him with unparalleled knowledge of human behavior and motivation of financial decision makers.

Gerlinde Berghofer PhD

Co-Founder & Partner

Dr. Berghofer has over 20 years of professional experience in quality management, project management, and quantitative and qualitative scientific research. She developed numerous research-based measures of process and outcome quality for health settings. Her research is focused on customer needs evaluations and systematic feedback and client satisfaction measurements.

As Head of Measurement at San Francisco fintech company iMatchative and hedge funds data analytics platform AltX, Dr. Berghofer developed behavioral profiling measures of investors and fund managers and investment satisfaction tracking systems.

Dr. Berghofer is a licensed clinical psychologist and health psychologist in Austria. She served on the Psychology Advisory Board to the Federal Ministry for Health and, having been a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, on the Fulbright Alumni Association Board.

Dr. Berghofer holds a Psychology Ph.D. from University of Vienna, taught as adjunct professor at the Vienna campus of an American university and has authored numerous research studies on health services utilization. In her private practice, Dr. Berghofer has for many years provided personal and business coaching, helping her clients achieve their private and professional goals.


Publications (Selection)

Books and Chapters

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Additional Contributions

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Media Coverage

Reports about Dr. Oberlechner’s work and research have appeared in international news media ranging from APA, BBC, Handelsblatt, Presse, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Standard, to Washington Post.