Financial Customer & Consumer Research


  • Increase profitability with targeted marketing
  • Refine strategy with deep behavioral insight into customers
  • Base intelligent decisions on reliable customer insight
  • Gain a competitive edge for personalized products and services
  • Increase customer satisfaction with comprehensive insight into goals, needs, and motives


Crowdsourced Surveys

  • Gather information from hundreds of respondents within few hours
  • Generate representative survey results and obtain comprehensive feedback
  • Diagnose consumer attitudes and predict consumer behavior

Customer Surveys

  • Develop and administer custom-tailored surveys
  • Reveal implicit customer attitudes and motivations
  • Identify relevant customer clusters with shared behavioral characteristics (Behavioral Customer Segmentation)
  • Generate actionable results

Brand Analysis

  • Analyzes implicit behavioral brand connotations
  • Determines brand perception differences among specific to demographic and behavioral segments (e.g., education level, gender, age, urban vs. rural, introverts vs. extraverts)
  • Determines perceived brand uniqueness
  • Compares your brand to peers